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In CircleSquare, an upscale neighbourhood in Barbados, life in the heights and terraces turns out to be not so perfect after all. A returning national comes to a swift realization after a perfectly stirred dinner of cou cou and buckled-back flying fish, a high-flyer seems to have it all but is barely holding things together, a recovered alcoholic goes back to the future, a resident learns that "all that's gold does not glitter", and a struggling house-sitting author tries to sell his back to Africa books to uninterested neighbours. Meanwhile, on the outskirts of CircleSquare, father and son issues don't prevent a black man from feeling to party, and the blue haired Mhizz Iz confronts life, love and why you shouldn't date men with questionable food preferences.  

Written by: Claudia Clarke

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About the Author

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Claudia is an avid reader who has made good on a childhood promise to herself to “one day” write a book. CircleSquare, her first collection of short stories, placed second in the 22nd Frank Collymore Literary Endowment Award in January 2020.

Claudia is an attorney-at-law who loves listening to music and podcasts, dancing, and laughing at her own jokes. In addition to CircleSquare, Claudia has completed two manuscripts and is currently working on more short stories set in contemporary Barbados.

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