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East Wind in Paradise

Barbados, an island paradise, prepares to celebrate the anniversary of its independence from England. Maneuvering from the shadows, unseen forces threaten to destabilize the country politically and economically. When Edge, field agent for the Bureau - the island's secret service - thwarts an attempt to smuggle arms into the country, he is left with more questions than answers. As Edge’s investigation draws him closer to the truth, he becomes entangled in a deadly game of murder, money, and power.

Will Edge be able to stop the threat in time?


Carl Jackson was born in Barbados where he attended Providence Boys' and Boys' Foundation schools. He is a graduate of Oxford University in England and Ryerson University in Toronto. He is a retired Foreign Service Officer who was stationed in Europe, Canada and the Caribbean.


On his return to Barbados from Ryerson, he was a columnist for the island's two leading newspapers. After Mr. Jackson retired from the Foreign Service, he founded a public relations company where he worked extensively with political parties in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.    


In 1981, Mr. Jackson published his first novel, East Wind in Paradise. His background in journalism, as well as in regional politics, played a major part in the creation of this political thriller whose plot and characters are just as relevant today as they were when the novel was first published.  

Edge: East Wind in Paradise brings Mr. Jackson's original novel into the 21st century, without compromising his themes, characters and crisp writing style.

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