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Back in the Day


Do you ever wonder what it was like back in the day when your parents were young? Follow Flux the robot on a trip down memory lane to a world before cell phones, online video games, streaming movies and electronic tablets.

Back in the Day, written by Clive Felice from Dads With Attitude, is a fun look into the past at how life was like when he was growing up. Influenced by the music, technology, fashion and pop culture of his youth, Clive's recollection of his childhood provides an interesting and entertaining contrast to how things are for kids growing up today.

Written by: Clive Felice

Illustrated by: Steve Bynoe

Flux the Robot_edited.jpg

About the Author

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Clive Felice is Dads With Attitude. Beginning as an Instagram  account (@dadswithattitude) inspired by the comedic and entertaining  elements of the everyday lives of parents, Clive created a robot named “Flux” due to his son's obsession with robots. Then came the idea for his first book “Back in the Day”.

Clive has always loved being creative. His passions are comedy, bringing his creativity to life and putting smiles on faces everywhere.

His goal is to continue to be creative and bring families the joy of laughter and happiness.

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