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People born in the same year, on the same day, at the same time, down to the last second are known as chrono-twins. Separately, these twins are ordinary people but when they come into physical contact with one another they unleash an awesome power and become Chronokari Alpha! 


A collision during gym class opens the doors of destiny for Miles and Derrick, two 15 year-old high school students who were born at exactly the same time. Their fateful meeting unlocks a wondrous world of danger and adventure, as they must use their new powers to protect Silverthorne High School and the city of Gateway, Ohio.


Unknown to but a few, Gateway, particularly its world famous museum, sits upon a long dormant and defective wormhole. However, mysterious forces have reactivated the wormhole and opened an inter-dimensional tear unleashing a portal to another dimension. A dizzying array of monsters and alien creatures, led by the evil General N'Ruvos, spew forth from the portal to wreck havoc upon the city. Also standing in Chronokari Alpha’s way is Trevor, the school bully and star quarterback who is determined to control the wormhole at any cost.


To make matters worse, ancient artifacts have gone missing from the world’s museums. Faced with strange teachers, Trevor, monsters, aliens and N'Ruvos, Miles and Derrick must protect the city of Gateway and discover the mystery behind what has activated the wormhole and threatens to tear apart the world and time itself. 

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