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And Now It Begins...

It's been quite a week but it's finally here! Chronokari Alpha: Time is Relative is now available at and I want to thank all of my family, friends and colleagues who have played a role in making this possible. Thanks for all of your support and guidance!

In my previous blog I had mentioned that self-publishing wasn't as easy as it seemed when I first thought of getting my manuscript into the marketplace. Aside from actually producing the novella, there was the technical aspect of getting the book converted for digital publication and then there was the business side of the venture. My experience with was great and they guided me through the uncharted waters of converting my manuscript and my images to meet the technical specs for Amazon and other digital publishers. Once the file was converted, I registered with Amazon's KDP site. The registration process was pretty straight forward, and I uploaded the mobi file and waited for Amazon's review team to accept the application. A few hours later I received an email that Chronokari Alpha was now available for download on Amazon. It felt pretty good to see the cover in the digital storefront and I realized that all of the hard work had finally paid off. After a good night's sleep, another thought came to me. My work had just begun. Promotion is key to the success to any project and that is where I will focus my energy moving forward.

I've included another image from the novella featuring the fantastic talents of colourists, Mike Toris and Nikos Koutsis. Their work has really added an awesome dimension to my pencils and I can't wait to get them the artwork for the next novella in the Chronokari series. Thanks again for joining me on this journey and I hope you enjoy Chronokari Alpha: Time is Relative.

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