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Halloween Comic Fest 2015 and Other Musings

Halloween is usually a time where I assemble mountains of candy and potato chips for the armies of kids that live in my neighbourhood, but this year I did something different. I decided to be part of a Halloween Comic Fest at Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles after I was invited to attend by the store's owner, Carlos Camera. The event was held at Carlos' comic book store in Mississauga, Ontario and featured artists like Ty Templeton, Richard Pace, Jason Loo (Pitiful Human Lizard), Joe Osei Bonsu (Heroes of the World) and Andrew Thomas (Auric of the Great White North).

It was fun meeting the customers that rolled into the store. I spent the day doing sketches for them, talking comics, Halloween costumes and of course spreading the word about Chronokari Alpha. I also had the pleasure of reconnecting with the Spent Pencils crew and meeting two local artists Colton Thomas Gilson and Michael Espinosa. Carlos was a great host and as an added bonus I got to spend the day with my good friend and co-collaborator at Comix Asylum, Paul Miranda.

Con season is officially over for me and now I'll have some time to devote to finishing the next installment of Chronokari Alpha. I'll also be putting the finishing touches on my CafePress store which will feature some Chronokari merch and will be linked to this very website. In my next blog I'll recount what I learned during my first season on the convention circuit and will provide a to do list for anyone who's interested in promoting their books or comics this way. Before I step away from the keyboard however, I'm going to leave you with a little post Halloween treat.

I've always envisioned Chronokari Alpha as a cartoon and have had some designs for the show hidden away while I've been working on the novella. With Miles and Derrick's follow up adventure well underway I figured now would be a good time to tease some of those animated designs. Enjoy and see you in seven or less.

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