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Writing Tips: I've Got the Music in Me

With summer in full bloom I'm chained to my iPad typing away on the new adventures of Miles and Derrick. I'm really getting into Pool Party, the follow up to Time is Relative and even though I've planned out the entire story I am always amazed at where these characters can take you. With all of the writing and my duties at Comix Asylum (my pop culture website) I'm afraid that I may have to take some time away from the blog and will be coming back to it sporadically over the next few months. Before things get too hairy though I will pass along one thing that has made my writing quite enjoyable.

I've taken to listening to superhero soundtracks while I write. While this may not work for everyone I really get inspiration and even some energy listening to tracks from some of my favourite shows, cartoons, Anime and movies. It's amazing the emotions tied to some of those tunes and they can sometimes enhance your creativity and even keep writer's block at bay. Give it a try, you might be surprised how an uptempo theme song can add to an action scene that you're writing.

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