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Mural, Mural on the Wall...

Well look what came in the mail this week? I was pretty giddy when I arrived home one day to see my Fathead package waiting for me on my front step. It was barely a week ago that I had ordered it and resolved the copyright infringement issues (as chronicled in my blog last week) that delayed the mural going into production.

Assembly was pretty easy and although I watched a YouTube video on the do's and dont's of Fathead mural installation which suggested that I use two people to adhere it to a wall, I decided to do it by myself.

Now let me be the first to say that I should have followed Fathead's instructions. Applying the mural to the wall on my own almost went sideways but I'll get to that later. I removed the mural from the packaging and lay it flat on the floor for about an hour. Everything was going as planned until I decided to complete the process on my own. Peeling the mural from the paper it came on was relatively simple. Where I ran into a little bit of drama was when I tried to apply it to the wall on my own.

Because of it's size (48" x 60") it was a bit challenging to place on the wall without it folding in on itself and becoming stuck. That did happen to me in one of the corners but I was lucky enough that I was able to unpeel it slowly and then secure it on the wall without further incident. I then smoothed out all of the bubbles and was left with an awesome wall mural featuring my own creation, Chronokari Alpha.

All in all my experience with Fathead from placing the order, going through customer service and then setting the mural on the wall was pretty seamless. I'm so happy with the mural that I'm going to order more in the future. Perhaps I'll talk to Fathead about getting some smaller versions made available when convention season picks up again in the spring of 2016. That's it for now. See you in seven or less.

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