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Comicon de Montreal Preview

Comicon de Montreal is fast approaching and I'm really excited to be heading back to la belle province. It will be my first time exhibiting solo at the con and I've printed out a booklet containing the first few pages of the latest Chronokari Alpha adventure. I Will have to get more of these printed before I go.

I've also been planning something extra for the Montreal con and here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on. These lovely prototypes are courtesy of Jackie Long of The Teeny Tiny Bakery in Toronto. Her cookies are out of this world and when I realized that she did custom orders I had to inquire if she could make some with the Chronokari logo. It's all part of the branding that goes into having your own IP and if things work out I'd really like to go ahead and have more Chronokari related cookies in the near future.

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