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Winter Blues

I love winter and all but this is getting ridiculous. Its been over a month since the mercury was above zero and the Hoth like conditions has the entire north east in a deep freeze. My mind is drifting to warmer temperatures, like -10 degrees celsius, and I’m pretty happy with how the proof copies of Chronokari Alpha: Time is Relative have turned out. After making the corrections to the initial proof, I ordered another copy just to make sure that everything was all right. When the new proof copy arrived it looked a little off and I realized that some of the text and pages were slanted slightly. I contacted Createspace and informed them of the error. They responded quite quickly and determined that it was a manufacturing error. They sent another copy almost immediately and I’m going through it now to make sure everything’s alright.

Thanks to all of you on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Wattpad who have helped to spread the word concerning Chronokari Alpha. I’m having a lot of fun interacting with everyone and exploring the possibilities that exist via social media. The convention season is gearing up so it’ll be fun seeing how the digital and face to face methods of promotion work to help increase the public’s awareness of Chronokari Alpha.

On a sad note, the legendary Leonard Nimoy has passed away at the age of 83. Mr. Nimoy thrilled sci-fi fans for close to five decades as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock. He was one of the icons of pop culture and will be missed. With his passing, a line from Mr. Nimoy’s signature character comes to mind: “Live long and prosper”. Words to live by and from all accounts, Mr. Nimoy did just that.

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